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The Army’s Mom, or 10 Things I’ve Learned about Army Basic Training

I’m flabbergasted that it has been so long since I last posted…about my kiddo leaving to head over to basic training for the Army!

I didn’t realize that I had been sitting here, nursing my wounds, so to speak, for so long! How seriously self-indulgent and pitiful!

I think I’m finally surfacing just a bit from the fog that has been swirling around my head for so long now. At least the “boy-leaving-home” fog lol. Not so much from the “I have a 1-year-old baby” fog, or the “I hate my own thyroid” fog, or the “3 kids are back to school at our little red house home-school” fog.

Oh, well. One thing at a time.

For follow-up for those of you that are fixin’ to go through your kiddo leaving for basic training, here’s what I’ve somewhat figured out thus far:

  1. It’s hard. Way harder than anyone ever let on.
  2. You don’t get to talk to your kiddo. I thought he would get to call home on the weekends, that sort of thing. Nope.
  3. You will start to stalk the mailman.
  4. You will spend a fortune in postage.
  5. No one else wants to hear you whining for 10 weeks about how much you miss you kiddo and how much harder it is than parents who have to face their kiddos leaving for college or whatever.
  6. It feels like no one else understands.
  7. Facebook groups, made up of other parents wandering around in the same fog, are a blessing. They are made up of the people who DO understand what you are going through.
  8. You will start to stalk those Facebook groups, hoping for some brilliant words of wisdom, or some anecdote, or some snapshot, that will help you feel better or feel closer to your kiddo.
  9. A day does finally come, where you look around, and realize you didn’t cry at all for the whole day. Thank the Lord!!
  10. You will live through this. And life does go on.

Now, we haven’t made it all the way through yet. My kiddo is not done with basic, and he still has a way to go, before graduating and before moving on to the next stage of his training. And before active duty stuff. So I have a really long way to go in my training.

I am still in Momma Basic Training lol.

Making art has helped, and painting little cards on which to write inspirational quotes and Bible verses to send to my kiddo has helped. And I adopted a few other kiddos that weren’t getting mail from home and started sending them letters and cards and funnies. That is actually quite therapeutic also.

My housework, though, has fallen to the wayside. The kids think that turkey sandwiches are great for dinner, thankfully, because I can’t seem to get it together far enough ahead of dinner time to fix anything great. But they have been super, and oh-so-patient. I love those little boogers, and we actually had home-cooked meals like 4 times last week!

And here I am blogging again 🙂

I’ll leave you with a couple of artings from the past few weeks and just keep moving along.

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