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10 Best Painting Tools That Aren’t Paintbrushes, or How-to Paint without a Paintbrush

What’s your favorite painting tool? Do you stick with paintbrushes? I mean, you can find so very many awesome paintbrushes out there! The materials they use to make the bristles alone can baffle the brain!

Personally, I can’t remember the last time I used a paintbrush, outside of one liner brush I use for tiny details.

Seriously. I think the biggest reason I started using not paintbrushes is that I am way too lazy or in a hurry or whatever. I can’t take a moment away from what I’m painting to wash a brush. I can drop them in a jar of water for later, but then I have to go and clean them up when I have too much paint or mixed colors in the jar. And I have the risk of knocking over the jar of paint-y water and brushes while I’m working. And I have done that. More than once.

So, what do I use, you ask? How do I get paint everywhere??

Here is a quick list of my favorite paint tools, in no particular order:

  1. My fingers. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Old credit cards and gift cards.
  3. Mud knifes from Home Depot.
  4. Bubble wrap.
  5. Plastic cling wrap.
  6. Dry wall joint tape.
  7. Barbecue sauce bottles.
  8. Paper towels.
  9. Spray bottles.
  10. Eye dropper.

There you go. Outside of these, I use blocks and pens and markers and spray inks and tons of glue. And tape. And stuff.

What are your favorite arting tools??

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