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We Survived the 2017 Solar Eclipse!


We survived the 2017 Solar Eclipse! But I did NOT see any aliens, and I most definitely did NOT get any new super powers!

Which, of course, happened to me last time, back in elementary school. Yes, it’s true. I have clear memories of playing outside on the playground during the last big solar eclipse in my lifetime. Must have been the 70’s, I know this because of the side of the school where I was playing. That was the playground for the younger kids.

My kids thought it was amazing and sounded like ancient history when I told them that I was once a little kid and played on a playground. We even had seesaws still haha! When is the last time you saw an actual wood seesaw on a playground?

Our Version of an Eclipse Party

So we spent our homeschool day partying. We went to a nearby park in the hours to experience the eclipse. We took our homemade cereal box eclipse viewers with us, a box of donuts, some milk, a ball, and some paper. And our cameras.

The park is a lovely, hidden little nook in what looks to be a deserted place a couple of miles down the road from us. You have to turn down a dirt road that looks like just leads back into scrubby desert where people dump stuff. It does not seem that a super-cute, tree-filled little park is tucked away in there! They have the playground with trees all around it, and a ball fields, and picnic tables with awnings and trails and lots of bushes where bunnies and bees and other critters live.



The cereal box viewers weren’t much of a hit. Maybe we did it wrong. What did work rather well, though, was my husband’s viewer…a piece of paper with a pin hole!



The other big winner was the watching the progression of the shadows on the ground – from the trees and the little grids in the picnic tables and the holes in the metal awnings over the table area. So beautiful! We had a great set of lessons all around talking about the eclipse and the science of it and the lore of it and how the creatures were all acting, thinking that it was night already.


The Party Must Go On 

And then we just kept the party going! We got a room at a hotel here in Reno so that we could use the pool all day! How’s that for a celebration???


So we pretended to be tourists and hung out at the hotel and used the room for our own cabana for changing and resting and snacking and went back and forth to the pool all day. The kids have been so good and so patient during these past months of family transitions that we made the whole day all about them. They led the day and we came home last night exhausted and water-logged but so happy.

How’s that for a family day celebration? Maybe the eclipse did bring me special powers…the power to let for for a day and set aside all of the day-to-day stresses and garbage and just play and love on my lovely little family <3


What super power did you get during the eclipse??


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