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Is Life on the Road for Us? Part 1

What would you do if you weren’t scared of what everyone else would think? How would you style your life if you had the freedom to live anywhere because you weren’t tied to a specific place? What if you could get up and go anytime you wanted? Would you??

We are thinking about it. Seriously.

We have been romancing the idea of full-time RV living. Yes, with four kids still at home with us. And even though we’ve never really taken them camping. And even though most of them don’t really even remember ever living anywhere else other than where we live now.

Even though we’d have to take the internet and our art supplies and possibly a passel or work tools with us everywhere we go.

Crazy? Probably a bit. Also, though, the idea is so tantalizing and exciting and AWESOME!!

Things here in our neck of the woods are moving in directions that make us want to leave. The property prices are going sky-high again, as if no one learned a single thing from the last housing bubble. Many companies are moving into this region to house their warehouses and factories because it’s cheap for them, and then all of the workers they need to employ are moving into our neighborhoods. And that’s driving up already inflated prices. Everything from rent and mortgages to the price of gas and the cost of milk is climbing.

Then there’s the population growth itself. I’ve gotten more uncomfortable with this many people…which is really super funny, considering I grew up and spent 30 years living in DALLAS of all places lol. I just don’t want to live like that anymore. I want to live in a sleepy area where people recognize one another and say hi and I don’t have to worry about whether or not someone is going to try and siphon the gas out of my car’s gas tank while we are sleeping.

Who would’ve thunk it?? We live in the biggest little city in the world…it’s supposed to be home-town and a bit cow-town and all of that. No longer…

That leaves us to the question of “Where to, then?”

We don’t have a definite answer, so we started throwing around the idea of traveling and looking at possible places to move. We don’t have the budget to keep a home, and take this giant crew traveling all of the time. The other thing, is I’m a bit of a homebody. I have a tough time stepping out of my comfort zone, that I have fashioned for myself. I have my space and my vibe and my familiar scents and sounds and all of that with me. I don’t like to get away from that much. Instead, we can combine it: travel with our home, and I can carry my space with me. All. Of. The. Time.

Sounds perfect, right??

As we’ve been pondering the idea, researching the logistics and the how-to’s, I’ve found that we are not the first ones by any means to do such a thing. We’re not even the first ones with a ton of kids to live like that.

Guess what else? Our kids are getting really excited about the prospect! We all hang out in one room together at a time anyway. We already live in a smaller house than most families our size. Now it’s a matter of downsizing our stuff even more, and getting organized, and finding the perfect machine to get going. And figuring out where to go first.

As we have been putting the idea more and more into the ether, and more and more into a concrete plan, things have been starting to shift around to get us there. We were waiting for my eldest kiddo to graduate from high school and leave for the Army. Check. We really don’t have anything in particular holding us here now. The other kiddos moan a bit about the friendships they have around the neighborhood, and that part will make the leaving bittersweet, of course. But outside of that, we don’t have family here and we don’t have brick-and-mortar schools that we attend. We don’t own a bunch of stuff around this town that would hold us here.

And there’s a whole country to see if we just get brave and open the door. With endless possibilities for schooling and family time and adventure.

I’m going to tell you more in the next post and focus on some of the crazy bits of Providence that are landing at our doorstep to help us right on out that open door. I hope you’ll come and read about that part of it, and then continue seeing where all of this takes this crazy crew!



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