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Getting Started. Again.

So here it is…the “first” post. Again.

I set up this skeleton to re-brand my art blog (you can see that here), to maybe start building something more permanent. Or maybe to set up something that seems more official, or more professional, I guess. And what happened? I just let it stare back at me, taunt me in my dream world, and make me feel like maybe I just shouldn’t be blogging, if I can’t make myself sit down and do it.

I started the skeleton at such a weird time in my art life, in my whole life actually, at a time when I found myself accidentally redefining so many things in my life. At a time when my little free blog was doing so lovely, and when I found myself suddenly not knowing what to make in my art life, and at a time when all of it had me feeling topsy-turvy and insecure.

Sounds super smart, right???

So, this skeleton has been sitting here for more than a year now, waiting. That’s it. I didn’t even post anything new on the old, free, somewhat successful and happy other wordpress blog. All of that momentum, just down the drain. Because I had no idea what to do with this blog, no idea where I wanted it to go, and no idea what all of the new things in my life were doing to me.

Now it is time. Time for what? Time to just start typing, to start dreaming again, to start considering sharing my art and my struggle and my love for all of these things. And time to hope that maybe I can get the momentum going again, and hope that someday I get some clue on how to integrate my other little free blog, that I love so much.

But none of those things or lack of knowing any of those things needs to stop me here and now.

Just type. That’s what I’ll do for now. The rest I can figure out as I go. I have a story to share, and someone has been waiting patiently to hear it, and I feel rotten that I’ve taken this long to start with the typing. So let’s get going!





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