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Paint Chip Cards, the Perfect Small Canvas

The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep.    ~Paul Strand


I have a long-time love affair with paint chip sample cards.

Maybe it’s as far as an obsession, really. But they are so good for lots of fun little artsy projects, and I can’t help myself from grabbing a few whenever I’m in a paint store. Which happens to be pretty often, thankfully!

It starts with the glee that I feel when I look down the row and see all of that color. It’s all organized and displayed purposefully to make me want to run my hand all over the colors, planning all of the perfect spots I have to use those colors. And my obsession isn’t quelled by the fact that the stores encourage me to take a few, to grab some of the colors and take them home and see how they look in my own environment.

Pinterest also hasn’t quelled my obsession with these little beauties, either lol.

How Do I Use Them??

I keep some around for my own miniature paintings and mantra cards and for punching and cutting out shapes and making postcards. I also keep a variety of colors in the box of cards that my kids can use for anything they are creating. They use them for color inspiration and for making cards for their friends and for making school projects.

I also have available a pile of them already gesso’d on the blank side, so that always a few are ready for using water color crayons to create, they make such a cool surface to blend and make lovely little backgrounds.

We use punches to make little colored shapes to glue on other projects. We also use those shapes to make mobiles and for buntings to hang on the wall. We have made gratitude journals and prayer books and diaries and themed project books for science. We have even used them to make flashcards for math and spelling and vocabulary!

Of course, I also use them to decide which color I am going to paint the wall next 🙂 I do like to change the wall colors and use different colors and textures on all of the walls!

So, next time you get the chance, stop in the paint department and check out these little beauties. You can find them here in the states in WalMarts, Home Depot, Lowe’s, smaller home improvement and hardware stores, paint stores of course, and possibly even KMart and Target, although I haven’t shopped those stores in a while.

Have you used paint chip sample cards? What did you make with them? What is a favorite surface that you use?

Prompt: Stop in and browse the cards in a paint section, and grab a few cards to play with. Different brands of paints have different styles and sizes of cards. Some even have cards with inspiration color combinations 🙂





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