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Shake Things Up. And Trust the Process.

It’s good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new, weird way.

~ Tim Burton

I think I recall some saying about good intentions?? For sure, I had such good intentions for not letting any major time lapses once I got on the blogging train again! And then, life…

In the past two weeks or so, we have been dealing with the hubs and a minor surgical procedure that didn’t seem so minor for him. While we’ve made it pretty much through it, we had doc appointments, paperwork to take to the surgical center, and my planning for running the household and responsibilities without his support as he recovered.

Being a total planner, just about to the point of OCD, I had to take plenty of time to make lists and so forth lol. It may not seem like as the gal of the home that the hubs being laid out should make too much difference, but you’d be amazed at how much he’s in charge of here.

First of all, he is the chef. Totally. I don’t cook, almost ever. And when I do, it’s grilled cheese sandwiches and mac an cheese. So I spent much time perusing Pinterest for crock pot recipes ( here’s my new crock pot board and my recipes board) and ideas for things that I might be able to make for all of us, while taking care of him, running school, running the biz, and caring for the baby who is now busy busy busy all of the time.

I think we didn’t really realize just how bad he was going to feel after the “minor” procedure. I don’t think they even called it a surgery, but he was knocked totally out and has been in a lot of pain for almost a week now. The doc didn’t want to scare us, I’m sure. But, the surgery center and all of the people there and the docs were all super awesome and made the whole thing as easy as possible.

And still the art.

I have been arting during all of this a bit though. I had to keep my head cleared 🙂

I spent some time watching a bunch of videos from an art class, and I haven’t done that in a really long time. It’s funny, I don’t see much in mixed media videos in terms of techniques and that sort of thing, that I don’t already know or use in some way.

You know what’s happened, though? I got kind of in a certain way of doing things. I won’t call it a rut exactly. But I habitually do certain things to all of my work, in a certain order, in a certain style.

Watching some videos has been such fun because it shakes things up a bit. Watching the process another artist goes through and following along rearranges how I normally do things. And then end result? I have another facet to my own work and it feels new and fresh and free. Kind of like when I first started learning any of these techniques. I didn’t know yet how I wanted to put it all together. I didn’t have a style yet.

Which is funny to me…back then, all I wanted was desperately to figure out what my style was going to be. I longed to be able to look at a piece of work and just know that it was something I made, because it was so me.

My style did show up.

Along the way, I made enough art to be able to see my work spread out all over the place, and it had my style all over it. It just took lots and lots of arting to get there. I had to make art and then make more art, all while trying new things and finding what I like and don’t like in terms of materials and tools and mediums and techniques and subjects. You know what I’m talking about. You can’t fake that stuff, it comes from countless hours of creating and re-creating. You can’t get there without going through the process.

And then once you’re there, you look at the mess you’ve made along the way, and you realize that you’ve made a ton of art and you actually have a style. Like the phoenix, it came out of the pile of mess and manifested in the art.

Now I look around and see my style and it’s super fun to shake it up a bit. How can my style grow and reflect where my heart and soul is right now? How can my style keep up with me, now that I’ve found it? That’s what I get from checking out the processes of other artists. I love seeing how they put things together. How they get their inspiration. How they cultivate their style.

Prompt: How do you keep your creativity and your inspiration and your style fresh? What can you do today to shake things up a bit??



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